We will design these systems for you:

  • Speaker system to cover your room evenly
  • Speaker coverage drawing
  • Subwoofer recommendations
  • Stage detail
  • Floor box detail
  • Plate detail
  • Booth layout
  • Audio block diagrams of your system
  • Rack details
  • Acoustical information about your room
  • Screen size
  • Projector type
  • Video editing system design
  • Main video system floor plan
  • Video system riser
  • Camera Location
  • Podcast
  • Live Streaming
  • Multi Site link up
  • Multi site venues
  • Simal Casts

We design all of these systems:

  • Moving lights – what fixtures and where to put them
  • Theatrical lighting dimming
  • Theatrical lighting system riser
  • House dimming
  • Circuit and control layout

Knowing who you are and where you want to go: We meet to discuss your min- istry in detail: where you are now and where you see yourself in the future.

Technology tools available: Part of our job is to help you think about options available to help you enhance your Ministry.

Blueprints: Our engineers, with your in- put, will develop a technical set of blue- prints encompassing all of your needs electrical, conduit, weight loads, wall mounts, etc.

Audio, Lighting, Video: We will provide you with blocked diagrams on your audio, video and lighting systems. We can also provide you with a diagram of what speaker coverage in your room would look like.

Acoustics: We can also evaluate the acoustics in your room.

Architect: After your technical prints are drawn we will work with your architect to integrating them into your master plan. We will also answer any electrical system questions of contract bidders.