Higher Purpose AVL offers consulting services in these areas: Designing audio, video, theatrical lighting, and technical systems into your acoustical environment. We stay on top of the latest audio-visual technologies and our audio-visual consultants understand multimedia, entertainment, performance, and presentation blending them all to- gether to enhance your worship experience.

Our audio engineers and consultants work closely with architects, worship leaders, and technical directors to design and integrate custom audio-visual, lighting, and technical systems optimized for each particular sanctuary and acoustical environment, ensuring crisp, clear sight and sound reproduction that engages and captivates audiences.

We design and consult independently, bringing objectivity and unbiased audio-visual recommendations and solutions. We help clients specify the appropriate technology for each situation and manage and ensure its proper installation and operation.

Higher Purpose Consulting services include:

  • Audio system design
  • Lighting system design
  • Technical system design
  • Video system design
  • Camera system design
  • Broadcast video system design
  • Recording Studio design
  • Imag camera system
  • Digital signage design
  • Stage layout design
  • Podcast
  • Live Streaming
  • Multi Site link up
  • Multi site venues
  • Simal Casts
  • Your blueprint documents needed
  • Selection and specification of AVL system components